Celebrate Canada’s ingenuity and entrepreneurship in clean technology during Export Development Canada’s Cleantech Export Week.

A Call to Action on Canadian Clean Technology

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A Call to Action on Canadian Clean Technology

Benoit DaignaultBenoit Daignault
President & Chief Executive Officer
Export Development Canada

Welcome to Export Development Canada’s Cleantech Export Week.

EDC planned this week, in part, as a celebration; a salute to the ingenuity and entrepreneurship of the individuals and companies across Canada who are developing clean technologies to relieve some of the world’s most pressing issues.

While these technologies are often rooted in Canada’s domestic needs, the problems they address are felt far more widely. Be it cleaner power, improved water management, more sustainable agriculture, or smarter energy transmission, Canadians are creating technologies that can make a difference at home and around the world.

EDC also sees Cleantech Export Week as a call to action. A challenge to this country’s innovators to expand their horizons beyond our borders, to put exporting at the centre of their growth plans, and to bring the benefits of their knowhow to the world.

Throughout the week, we will share stories from companies that are already taking this step, and highlight some of the supports and services available to potential exporters through EDC, our partners the Government of Canada, and from industry associations.

Canada has the potential to be one of the world’s go-to sources for cleantech solutions. When you are ready to begin exporting your technology, we will be there to support you.

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